Today, I'm super excited to share the first significant milestone for Everview – my first paying customer!

I've spent the past few weeks devising a pricing strategy and building out the infrastructure to move my current and future users onto paid plans.

I've been suffering from a little anxiety because I've broken my own rule of 'charge from day one' and it's now been five months before I've got made a single dollar from Everview.

Regardless, the important thing is that there is one person in the world who's prepared to pay for Everview, which is the validation I was looking for (I just need a few hundred more).

Here's how I did it.

Everview Pricing Strategy

My current strategy (it will inevitably change) is offering three pricing tiers:

The Hobby plan offers a way for new users to try out Everview with limited features (one dashboard, three widgets and a seven-day history).

There isn't a huge amount of value offered in this plan, the purpose is solely to allow users to try it out.

The reason I'm restricting the value proposition so heavily is that as an independent maker, revenue is the lifeblood of my business, so getting users onto a paid plan is critical to the survival of the business.

The startup plan offers the full spectrum of functionality required by most startups and SMEs. For this, I'm charging $49/mo but offering a 40% discount to all new users ($29/mo) while the product is still in beta to account for missing features and bugs.

I haven't built the business tier yet, but I've included it on my pricing page so I can track the conversion rate on intended signups.

Special Rate for Early Adopters

I already have 65 users on Everview who have been patient and understanding in the early stages, so I wanted to reward them for their support.

I sent out an email this morning to my 65 users outlining that I'd start charging for Everview from 1st Jan 2020. As a special thank you gift to them, I offered an 80% discount if they upgrade and pay before then. So they'd have access to the full startup plan for just $9/mo.

This is how I acquired customer #1 – they were already using the product and had been quite proactive in providing feedback and insights. They saw enough value in the current offering to pay $9/mo.

The next big test will be signing up a new user onto the $29/mo plan.

Plus, only another $9,991 to go to reach the $10k/mo goal!